Body Massage
Body massage is a treatment to maintain physical health and well being as well as inducing relaxation. Massage is the manipulation of body tissues to produce beneficial effects on the muscular, vascular and nervous systems of the body. Massage Increases the blood circulation and lymphatic flow, breaks down adhesions in muscles, helps break down fatty tissue, has a revitalising effect on tired muscles, stimulates nerve endings, prevents fatigue by removing lactic acid from the muscles, relieves aches and pains, aids joint mobility, relieves tension and promotes relaxation.

Swedish Massage
Therapeutic body massage with techniques for stress relief, relaxation and tissue detoxification

Full Body Massage with pre-mixed aromatherapy oils
60 mins £60.00

Back Neck & Shoulder with pre-mixed aromatherapy oils
25 mins £38.00

Holistic Treatment
Combining the power of pure essential oils with specialised massage techniques to help balance the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy massage uses pure essential oils, the oils are obtained from plants, and each oil has its specific effect on the body and its systems. This treatment includes Reiki healing and Chakra balancing.

Full Body 90 mins £75.00

Massage Produces:
• Elimination of waste products through the lymphatic & circulatory system, which combats fatigue.
• Increased circulation and reduced stress on the heart which keep blood pressure in check.
• Alleviation of muscle tightness, stiffness, tension, and cramping.
• Relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, edema, and sore feet.
• Stabilization of hormone levels.
• Increased flexibility of muscles.
• Relaxation and better sleep.